Maphilindo Silat

The Maphilindo Silat system was created by Guru Dan Inosanto in honor of his instructors and is a blend of various systems. The name comes from Malasia, Philippines, and Indonesia which are the countries of origin for this system of deadly combat.


Effective and Deadly system from Southeast Asia

There are many systems of Silat with are various stories of origin, A popular origin is told from Guru Inosanto about how Alexander The Great. Silek was the ancestral art form and then was spread throughout the region by the military of that time. 

Silat has been featured in popular movies such as The Raid Redemption and The Accountant. With beautiful movement there is disguised deadly techniques that can be highly effective when trained properly. .

Maphilindo Silat can greatly enhance any martial arts system. If one were to utilize silat’s geometric lines of attack and apply its principles in combat, it would be a great additional to any art and its effectiveness

Ron Balicki