It all started here...

American martial arts Academy

Randy Siordia started his martial arts training in 1991 at the American Martial Arts Academy in Berwyn, IL at the age of 18. Immersed in the teachings of Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts – Kali, soon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was introduced along with constant training and sparring.

In 1993, Randy tried out competition fighting in the ring with American Style kickboxing. With an amateur record of 2-1, Randy stopped competing in the ring and appreciated the experience he received from preparing and competing on that level.

In 1995, Randy started training at the FDC Academy, now Lynxx Academy, in Virginia Beach VA with Frank Cucci. Randy continued JKD and Kali and BJJ training but added Muay Thai with one of the best instructors in the region.

Randy continued training and teaching through the years and realized in 2009 that he was missing elements of Jeet Kune Do training, called Jun Fan Gung Fu.

Continuing Education...

MARS- Martial Arts Systems

in 2009, Randy felt he was missing elements of his training and after researching he decided to start training under Ron Balicki and Martial Arts Research System, MARS. 

In 2010, Randy started his training with MARS and started rank testing to work towards his certifications in Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts. By 2013, Randy had achieved his Apprentice Instructorship and is currently Associate 4 since 2017.

In 2016, Randy became an Apprentice Instructor in Filipino Martial Arts and is currently Apprentice 3.

Randy currently teaches Seminars, Workshops, Private Lessons and Group Classes in the Chicagoland Area.





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